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About Jennifer 

My Background

Career experience is over 40 years across several industries; Workplace Training and Assessment, Addiction Management, Personal Development, Nutrition, Hospitality and Retail and Real Estate Sales (business owner).

I have worked successfully with many individual clients. Also groups of clients across several business sectors: from training disadvantaged youth with learning and intellectual disabilities, to hosting Asian investors of Melbourne real estate and presenting information sessions to Chinese government delegations.


My Personal Perspective

My family has experienced the usual life challenges, and still managed to be very high achievers, high income earners and industry leaders.

However, with the success, we have also had a multi-generational issue with addictive behavior. Everything from gambling, legal and illegal drug use, similar to many large modern families.

The need to understand and change these patterns of behaviour, has pointed me to my present career path. I have a strong focus on prevention of drug use AND a healthy active lifestyle to ensure the mind and body stay balanced and healthy.

In 2004, after a lifetime of stress, chronic health issues, un-needed and unsuccessful major surgery and a PLANE CRASH, I was left with complicated health issues, 2 compression fractures of my spine and incapacitating pain, for which the medical system had no answers.                                      My journey to real health began!

I have dealt with many health challenges over the past 30 years.
Anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, food allergies, hypoglycemia, woman’s health issues, extreme surgical menopause, inflamed joints, back injuries/pain and a Light plane accident.

These problems had built up over many years of stress (6 children, 3 successful divorces,  businesses ventures, 30 property renovations etc) and accidents, especially the airplane crash. I was left with compression fractures of the spine, deep bruising and trauma (my two grandchildren were also in the plane).

My great health now ( haven’t been to a doc in about 13 years) has come through; managing stress and illness with core nutrition, yoga, dance, meditation and brain games (PSTEC and positive psychology). I have lost over 8 kg and improved my real metabolic body age by 20 years (65 to 45).

There is a proven bio-logical  process to kicking bad habits, gaining a happy, healthy and successful lifestyle and creating great relationships.                                                                                                                     Simply stated; a positive frame of mind, effective self-expression, communication and negotiation skills (with yourself and the world) AND comprehensive core nutrition, are the KEYS to achieving an active healthy lifestyle and success in relationships, both personal and career.

Industry Experience and Achievements

Mentoronline – Business focuses on natural health using the concepts of Applied Positive Psychology, stress management and nutrition to maintaine an Active Healthy Lifestyle. Over 15 years experience with many successful and happy clients achieving their personal goals and freedom from addictions.

Property Renovating & Trading  Purchased/renovated and sold approximately $12 million in property, across Victoria, FN Queensland, Gold Coast and England, over forty years.

Whole of Government Victorian Alcohol and Drug Strategy Submission to the Victorian Government that detailed; a rewards based, whole community approach, to addressing drug and alcohol addictions. This also included an early intervention program for young families. Click Here

 Rhapsody of the SeasEnrichment Lecturer –  Presented a four- part program “The Language of Life” -Laugh your way to a long and happy life!

Working Trip to CaliforniaInvited to teach and consult with Dr Rebecca Field. Our main Press Release was picked up by approximately 200 television and radio stations and business journals across America including Reuters and CBS. Media work included a television interview with Joyce Anderson for “Inside Santa Cruz” co-featuring Dr. Rachel Abrams and Dr. Natalie Green.   Other engagements included presenting to community health networks, in Palo Alto and surrounding areas, radio station interviews and participation in a live talk-back radio show.  Also, the successful launch of my workbook, “Why Wait Until You Crash” at Gateways Books in Santa Cruz


 International PresentationInvited to an Interfaith and Sustainability Conference (UN supported) by David Woolfson President, Club of Budapest Toronto, Canada., as a Key note speaker. The subject of the presentation was Meta-medicine “The Relationship Between Health and Stress” the biological connection between stress and mental and physical illness I had the privilege of sharing the stage with Nobel Prize Nominated Prof. Dr. Dr. Ervin Laszlo President International Club of Budapest.


 Owner and Manager – EpiGenetics – Natural wellness using Applied Positive Psychology, Nutrition and Lifestyle changes.  Many successful clients, who Quit cigarettes, addressed phobias, changed careers, lost weight and improved their energy and focus. Foundation memeber of the Macedon Ranges Health and Longevity Group.

Production of DVDSecrets and Lives….. (The Pitch) produced for SBS Television, featuring Athol Guy: of The Seekers as the interviewer. The DVD was produced to promote the Macedon Ranges Shire as a well-being destination.

Co-Author#1 on the Barnes and Noble Wake Up …Live the Life You Love On Purpose, other authors include Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Mark Victor Hansen. I also supported the marketing of Dr. Joe Vital “Hypnotic Selling Secrets” and Dr. Nell Rodger’s “Puppet or Puppeteer”. And negotiated a personal agreement with author Christopher Hansard to use his bestselling book; “The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking”, as the main reference for teaching seminars.                                                 

Townshend Homes Land Sales and Estate Co-Ordinator, Managed sale at Canterbury Hill & Jackson’s Creek Estates. Responsible for employment and training of staff, advertising, display home presentation, sales and marketing reports. Also hosted Asian clients and supported international sales of investment house and land packages.

Bensons Group Training – Wesley Employment Services – T.M.A Spirit West

Contract Workplace Trainer and Assessor/ Business Consultant. Planned and delivered NAAP course (long-term unemployed youth and youth with disabilities) training. Also, seminars for Chinese delegations from government and trade departments.

Sovereign Clipper – (Concurrent with Other positions). Function management and catering business. Providing services for weddings, corporate groups, service and sporting clubs

Spastic Society of Victoria & Miss Australia Awards Recruited motivated and trained participants managed volunteers, fundraising activities and gained major sponsors for the awards.

Major Sponsorship – Joy Flights sponsored by Eagle Aircraft Malaysia, Oakford Apartments, Avis Car Rentals and CVAS. This project featured joy flights for children with disabilities.  A concept also used in Malaysia at the International Air Show. Joyflights for children with disabilities were offered after the airshow.

 Gala Charity DC 3 Dinner Flight sponsored by Ansett Airlines

Young Talent Awards sponsored by Athol Guy of The Seekers.

Fashion Design Awards sponsored by FRM Model Management, NationalPac, Sally Brown and Jane Lamerton.

Range of boutique wines, with the Miss Australia Awards label, from the Cope-Williams winery.

 Raine Horne & Phillips Real Estate South Melbourne Echuca, Kyneton St KildaPA and Land sales. Assisted with land sales & marketing, advertising and contract competition, organised functions & conferences.

Dinner Over the Bay, MelbourneInnovator, Marketing & Sales Manager Established dinner flights for Rudge Air, developed the concept, organised sales and media promotions. Provided In-flight cabin crew training and catering. This was the first flying restaurant for Melbourne.

Media coverage successfully gained; prime viewing time with Channel Nine and SBS, editorials in The Age and Herald-Sun, radio time with 3AK and 3LO. This very successful sales and marketing program, created more bookings than could be accommodated by the existing aircraft, another 2 were purchased.

The concept was further developed for Melbourne’s Gooney Bird DC 3 and Victorian Helicopter Services Bone Marrow Donor Institute – Gala Charity DC 3 Dinner Flight    

 Macedon Region Dinner Flight Tours – Dinner Flight and tour of historic Kyneton including by special appointment a visit to “Flynn of Kyneton” silversmiths. Pieces of Flynn silver are regularly provided for the winner of the Melbourne Grand Prix and reside at Buckingham Palace, The White House, The Vatican and many Royal Houses of Europe.

Victoria House Restaurant, Kyneton — Owner – Chef

 The Bentinck Hotel, WoodendMarketing Assistant, Function Coordinator and Chef. New clients successfully gained included. Ansett Airlines, Melbourne University and Australian Paper Mills.


Quantum Change Seminars – Sydney 

Certified Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Practitioner

 University of NSW – Advanced Neuro Dynamics

Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

National Values Center Certification

Open Mind – Bristol England– Association for Integrative Psychology

Meta Medicine Certification

Stonebridge Collage London – (Australian division)

Dip (M.P.Th) Diploma Meridian Psychotherapy,

Dip (S.H.T.) Sidereus Healing Practitioner

Bensons Group Training

Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training

Certificate III in Business Administration

Bendigo Regional Institute of Tafe

Course in Real Estate for Agent’s Representatives

 B.A.R.A.  Sales Marketing & Business Management

Eugene Piccinotti    Thought Field Therapy Certeficate

QANTAS Aussie Host Training


Community Service

Bendigo Area Coordinator Heart Foundation Community Walking Group

Regular donor to local school fundraising events.

Foundation member of the Romsey-Lancefield Rotary Club

First female Board Member Kyneton Aero Club

Student Pilot License and flew with the RAAF museum at airshows and fly-ins including the Bi-centennial Airshow at Amberly Airbase Brisbane

Established one of the first regional Victorian Playgroup

Community work including kindergartens, youth clubs and 3CCC community radio.

Bush Fire Awareness Group.


105 Vista del Campo

Los Gatos, CA 95030

September 6, 2008

ACEP Education Chair: Carole Stern, MS, RNC, D CEP education  director@energypsych.org

Re: Jennifer A. Mc Donell

Dear Dr. Stern:

It was my great pleasure to have heard Ms. Jennifer A. Mc Donell in July 2006 at the launch of the World Wisdom Alliance of the Club of Budapest of Canada where she was a keynote speaker.

At that time Ms. Mc Donell focused on total all-around health. Her therapeutic work deals with meta-medicine in the Melbourne, Australia area. She works with energy healing which she says unites all of us. She pointed out in her talk in Toronto that we are at a unique place in evolution wherein humanity is beginning to yearn for and understand the spiritual dimension of life.

One of her greatest challenges is working with people who don’t know who they are really, individuals who are often forced by necessity to choose their greater identity.  Ms. Mc Donell has a unique way of approaching spiritual dimensions with her clients. She is at the same time extremely clear about what she believes is the cause of various problems and she is pragmatic enough to know exactly what to do to lead someone to a point of healing.

Jennifer Mc Donell is gifted in her work. She is a terrific speaker and conducts herself appropriately and intelligently on the platform. When given certain time parameters she adheres to them. Her light touches of humor are winning aspects of her presentation.

Ms. Mc Donell will advance the field of energy psychology by giving tools for entry level understanding and applying these through the various stages of the life cycle.

Her power in this area comes from her heart conviction of the efficacy of this modality.

She has also contributed to the international best-selling book Wake up…Live the Life You Love. In this book she co-authors with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Mark Victor Hansen a helpful little volume about living on purpose. Her next work is a holistic explanation of the mind/body/disease connection in which she links fear and stress.

I would strongly recommend Ms. Jennifer A Mc Donell to be a major speaker and breakout session leader. She will lead people to a new and commanding under-standing of energy psychology.

Very sincerely,

Rebecca Field, Ph.D.

NGO Management: worked with people in former Soviet Union and Uganda to overcome poverty and sex slavery.


META-Medicine® Worldwide

11 Trillium Lane Grimsby

Ontario L3M 0A9

September 10th, 2008

Re: Jennifer A. McDonnell


Jennifer travelled from Australia to attend a META-Medicine® Training in the UK with myself, she was excited about the ramifications of how specific stressful events cause certain organs to change, in order to assist with survival and progression of us as human beings; although the same happens in animals. I was amazed by her commitment to travel so far to learn this groundbreaking information.

Jennifer has maintained contact with me since that time and I know she has travelled the world lecturing on many aspects of healing, incorporating META-Medicine® into those talks, to show the world that disease is not a mistake, as we are lead to believe by the medical profession and by many alternative/complementary approaches to healing.

From my dealings with Jennifer I know she is a professional and I am certain she will deliver an excellent seminar.

Very sincerely,

Richard Flook PhD

Head of international Training for META-Medicine®

Master of NLP and Trainer, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy


Hi Jenni,

Just a short note to tell you
1. I was told today from Group Training Australia that NAAP 1161 had outstanding outcomes. This means from that 10-people received employment.  Congratulations!!!  This is the course that you delivered back in February 03.

Enjoy your day and may all your dreams come true!
Someone once told me that life began at 40, they were wrong it begins at 50.

Best Wishes & Kind regards
Joy Bensons Group Training


Hello Mrs. King,

Quick response Jen is Yes.

I think you’d be fantastic at the overseas sales. One situation I think would be good is for you to come on a few trips but also keep working in Sunbury and Gisborne.

Problem for us right now is if you go overseas we don’t have anyone as competent as you to fill in during your absence. Would Colin or yourself mind if we cloned you?!!!

Paul T

Thanks for your message. I only found out yesterday that you were no longer with our Company. I have not been briefed as to reason why. So, thanks for responding to my sms message on the weekend and wishing me “good luck” re me taking client to lot 22.

When I sent the message, I thought you were still working for us. I’ll need the good luck because, whilst the client appeared to like the property they are contemplating opening a small gift shop in Melbourne and they have a fixation on the eastern suburbs.

I wish they had the opportunity to meet you because, firstly you would have been able to talk convincingly about the North West of Melbourne, and secondly, they would have met such a beautiful and delightful lady!

A few weeks ago, I heard you were not as well as you would like to be I hope you are feeling much better now.

Thank you for all the sales and good work you have done at Canterbury Hills and Jacksons Creek.

Best Wishes,

Paul Townshend

PS I will pass on your regards to Chris Moule.



The invitation to teach and consult in America came from Dr Rebecca Field, who is based in Los Gatos. I met Rebecca several years ago in Canada, at a (UN supported) sustainability conference, which I was attending as a keynote speaker.

My visit began with a PRNewswire Press Release which was picked up by almost 200 television and radio stations and business journals across America; including Reuters and CBS.

There is great interest in Stress Management and Preventative Healthcare within corporate America.

A television program engagement with Joyce Anderson for Inside Santa Cruz featured Dr Rachel Abrams and Dr Aimee Shunney and myself discussing the importance of planning a healthy and stress free lifestyle and was greatly enjoyed by everyone.

 The successful launch of my workbook Why Wait Until You Crash at Gateways Books in Santa Cruz, (sharing the billing with noble prize nominated Prof Dr Ervin Laszlo). The book is a simple workbook designed to help people understand the importance of psychological triggers and the mind-body connection in relation to health and success.

Click Here for the meaning of STRESS!