What Our Clients Say

I met Jennifer when I friend gave me a Free introduction voucher, it changed everything. My body and back aches have nearly gone and I have much better movement.

My daughter has also booked several massages and now enjoys a less stressful approach to life. My grandson had just one session and has lost 10kilograms and my granddaughter had a session and from that her eczema (which she had from birth) has healed well.

I came to see you a few months ago now, I must admit, I was a bit skeptical of the whole thing initially! I decided not to get back to you straight away, because I wanted to conquer a ‘stressful’ event’ to be assured that the therapy worked. I am so pleased with the sessions we had and the effect on me and my life!! So is my husband – relieved and fascinated.

Jennifer was recommended to me by a friend who had seen her to work twith weight and health problems I am a keen horse rider and love to compete in mountain trail rides, but I was having increasing problems with a deep fear of falling from my very large and determined horse. We worked on this fear for several sessions, and I had time in between to test our progress and plan a series of steps that would allow my confidence to grow again. I am now able to ride confidently knowing I can support myself with tools and that Jennifer can help from a long distance, via the telephone or internet.

I had smoked 30 cigarettes a day for 30 years and did not believe I could quit, but I did. That was 2 years ago, now I feel better than ever, thanks to Jennifers program my health and life have improved dramatically, I feel like I have never smoked at all. I worked with Jennifer to stop smoking and to my amazement I actually lost 5 kgs as well. The change was great, I even had to dry clean all my clothes, the smell was terrible!

I lost 6kgs in one month, after just one consultation, and have continued to lose weight since. My body has lost its need to store weight as a protection and preservation behaviour. I now understand why I was struggling to keep weight off, and can confidently see that it will stay off, no more yoyo behaviour

My problem was feeling very unhappy and anxious about life, to help me change this I worked with Jennifer over a period of 2 months. I learned about the core programming and why I was anxious. Then we reprogrammed my reactions to become more relaxed and less reactive. I also learnt tools and ideas for achieving a productive approach to life, which I use daily. My personality is more relaxed and even and I know I can talk to or see Jennifer to help me grow through any really stressful time, I feel totally supported.

Thanks so much for your assistance. I really appreciate your work and value your guidance in life. . I got pretty much exactly the job I wanted. Two interviews that went really well as I was relaxed and was simply myself. I will keep you informed of how things go and no doubt will see you soon, the sooner the better! I will study the info you sent me, realise the power it holds.