Are Your Travel Adventures Restricted by Fears?

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Are Your Travel Adventures Restricted by Your Fears?

There are many to chose from, fear of flying, heights, small spaces, the unknown, open spaces, being alone or coping with jet lag, to list just a few!

Feeling stressed and tired just by the thought of taking a trip?

Many people don’t realize the impact that such fears and phobias can have on their travel plans or even on their daily life. The small voice at the back of your mind is always saying, beware, watch out, just check etc etc.

It may be small but every thought is monitored and every action controlled and checked. Phew how much energy is wasted in that!

Fears and phobias always have a beginning event, there is always a very good reason for them, the body and memory are very bio-logical and just plain logical. It is ’cause and effect’.

The memory is design to remember things, both good and bad, as a way of learning life skills and as a way to remember lessons and training, that’s it’s job; so far simple enough.

However when the experiences has been scary or painful, the memory becomes excessively focused on keeping attention on the issue. Even after of years have passed and the danger has passed, the memory is still  fixated on the event or issue, for no logical reason and definitely no advantage.

Now the body just re-acts to the event even when there is no reason too, the fear, phobia or compulsion is controlling the body, and any conscious choice in the reaction is short circuited, so it becomes automatic. The body(and memory)  take over, allowing little or no input from the mind, this in itself is frustrating tiring and very uncomfortable.

It feels like a war is going on inside, with the endless yes – no or should – shouldn’t conversation, again very tiring and limiting, with so much attention being given to issues, little attention span is left for the rest of life. It is a self perpetuating downwards spiral, the older the person, the longer the inner conflict and the more aggressive the reactions.

This is not just a simple matter of having a fear or phobia, but a lifetime issue of reduced focus, compromised decision making and stressful experiences (as anything that vaguely resembles the issue will cause alarm).

Freeing body and your mind from such fears may seem like an impossible task, but the latest technology offers brain games, that scramble the memory of fears and phobias, so scrambling the automatic physical reaction, so releasing both the mind and body from the control of the fears phobias and stress.

Thus allowing you to take all the adventurous travels you can, and even better enjoying every minute!





  1. I’ve never had a real phobia that I’ve been aware of, but then again I don’t lead a phliscayly adventurous life. And while certain activities make me nervous – I’m not crazy about flying, and my clumsiness makes certain stuff like hiking and snorkeling a little more exciting than they are for normal people – I’ve never had anything that approaches phobia.Until I started riding my bike on the Braes Bayou trails here in Houston, near my home. Miles and miles of wonderful and neatly landscaped asphalt trails that border Braes Bayou. Most of the trail is at street level – but when you hit Kirby Drive, the trail descends down to the level of the bayou – it’s a big wide concrete sided stream a good bit below street level.I see old people, young people, fat people, people clearly less experienced at bike riding than myself, whiz down the trail to the bayou level every day – it’s a wide trail, and the trail that runs along the water is very wide too – the descent is gentle and the trail at water level is completely flat and there are no obstructions. But I cannot do it. As soon as I approach the point where the trail begins its descent, I start o tremble and hyperventilate. All I can think, all I can see in my mind’s eye, is going headfirst over my handlebars and into the bayou. I can’t even walk my bike down the descent and then proceed to ride along the flat trail – I can walk it, but I can’t ride my bike. The shaking and trembling make it impossible.I’ve never experienced a physical phobia like that. It’s not life-interrupting, of course, because I don’t really need to do it, but it’s given me a new sympathy for people who do suffer phobias that make their lives more difficult to conduct normally.Of course, the fact that I once fell out of the attic – by way of the unsupported insulation, through the ceiling and straight down to the kitchen floor below – is a good reminder that maybe my fear isn’t a phobia so much as a realistic fear of spazzing out and really hurting myself.

    • Hello, You are spot on with the comments about this being a realistic fear(feed by the memory of a real event), however as you have noted others are not restricted by their realistic fear, but take every precaution they need to then, make the decent.

      The phobia is based in a real experience that the body automatically remembers, no real problem at the moment, but a time may come when you have to address this fear of heights. I would recommend addressing it now and not waiting until it is too late. Your mind and body are wasting energy all the time staying alert at a deep level 24/7.

      More than happy to help I can work on-line with you. Cheers Jennifer