Clever Communication Skills for Success in All Relationships

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Clear communications are the most important skills needed.

Lack of communication skills is reflected in peoples behavior when they become overly emotional and/or aggressive .The cause of  BULLYING is a lack of communication skills and emotional maturity.

Emotions are great servants but DANGEROUS masters, therefore the two sides to this “communication coin” are: Let go of trying to control other people and have a life of your own! By understanding and managing your own emotions and expressing your needs clearly you can plan and achieve the life you want..

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Why? Because if you can’t clearly ask for what you want, how are you going to get the results you need ?

Many people are busy communicating what they think others should do, but have few skills in expressing what they need or want for themselves. If you cannot communicate how you feel about your relationships, how will others know what you want?

Both parties know what the other doesn’t like, but there is not much information about what is wanted or needed. Both sides will be feeling frustrated, stressed and confused at best, or at worst angry and physically violent towards each other, either is not going to achieve results.