Cost of Drug Resistant Disease

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Cost of Drug Resistant Disease – Back to the 1950’s

Four Corners 29th November, the cost of treating a patient with drug resistant Tuberculosis is now around $100,000,000 per patient per year, with no predicable outcome. Also similarly many “super bugs” now available in most large hospitals, will cost the same to try to treat. Sadly many people just end up having the infected part removed be it a limb or organ.

The medical and drug industrie’s indiscriminate use of anti-biotic over the last 50 plus years has finally caught up with everyone. Bacteria has evolved faster than the drugs, just a normal, expected outcome if the laws of evolution are recognized , cause and effect, nothing more or less.


According to several of the doctors interviewed it puts the medical industry back to the 1950-60, when treatment usually consisted of ‘removing or cutting out’ the problem. With the added stress of the ‘super bugs’   recovery has become like a game of “Russian Roulette”.

More than ever it is important to keep your immune system strong and your stress levels low.

Poor lifestyle choices like bad diet, insufficient nutrition, no exercise, poor communication skills and stressful beliefs become  health issues soon or later. Cause and effect.

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Take responsibility for your health today.