Stop the Bully

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STOP the Bully

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Are you or someone you know struggling with harassment or bullying?

I feel there is too much focus on blaming bullies when it is a two way street (this in no way justifies their behavior!!).
Our society has a short sighted, knee jerk reaction to most issues by blaming someone and banning something, when resolving the bigger issue is much more important. Banning drugs hasn’t done much to help stop drug use as far as I am aware.

Let us be honest, much of our corporate and political world is based on bullying; it is encouraged in sales and management, if it gets the job done (focus is on money not people). Yet we are very quick to blame a kid who is probably just copying his mother or father. Just as pointlessly we ‘honor’ the victim, when in reality they both need to learn how to express and defend themselves.

Both are a long-term problem for society, bullies with their aggression and arrogance and the victims who then spend their life-being victimized and marginalized, neither role is nice, useful or constructive.

To me society is at a bit of a cross roads; to evolve we have to deal with this issue, it is symbolic (both the bullying and communication skills) of just about everything that is not working for society.
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