What is Feminism?

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What is Feminism?
This article was written for a national magazine: a great topic which I think need substantial redefinition.
This is a great question with at least 100 different answers!

Which will probably show how ‘undefined’ the term now is.
I am in my 50’s so have seen many changes (my father threatened to leave our family if my mother took work outside the home in 1960)! The work was only part-time at the local telephone exchange, so not much contact with people other than the few in the small local post office of a very conservative town of 300 people. No danger of temptation or corruption. BUT an insult to his pride.

In my teen years we thought of ourselves as ‘feminists’ but in reality we were trying to be super wo-men (be both woman and man), with the catch cry. I can do anything as well as if not better than a man.Women became aggressive and critical of men, in an attempt to ‘beat ‘them. This has resulted in greatly diminishing the value of being a mother and nurturer. Also it has lessen the value of being a woman, in many ways..

I think the original intentions of the ladies fighting for the right to vote was to allow women to be women, and be respected and integrated into decision-making processes because they were women,NOT men-like women.
To me it is time to celebrate femininity, female sexuality and womanhood, to become true “feminists” and be proud of the fact we are very different (not better than) men; that is the celebration and the power.

Make our great grandmothers proud. and be proud of being feminine.

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